NCE: Thaumasite damage to M5 bridge foundations

Thaumasite Damage to M5 Bridge Foundation Concrete

This month’s issue of New Civil Engineer (May 2016), the magazine of the Institution of Civil Engineers, features the long-term remedial works to the concrete foundations of overbridges along the M5 in southern England, UK, as a result of thaumasite damage.

In the article, titled “Concrete Concern – Long term rescue effort underway for M5 bridges with crumbling foundations”, Dave Parker (of NCE) discusses the background to the UK thaumasite problem, the extent of damaged bridges and the on-going remedial programme. The full article can be found on the NCE website by clicking here.… Read the rest

New summaries of Thaumasite and Mundic problems

NEW summaries and case history pages added

Thaumasite and Mundic problems

Two new summaries/case history pages have been added to the website. These summaries concern the UK Thaumasite and Mundic problems. The pages are work-in-progress so do please check back for updates. Click the links below to find out more:

1. The UK Thaumasite problem

The summary details the UK problems associated with thaumasite. The summary includes notes on:

  • Cases of thaumasite sulfate attack in the UK (mostly on foundations of the M5 motorway bridge structures)
  • Publications, research and conferences relating to thaumasite, dating back to 1985
  • On-going remediation of bridge structures in Gloucestershire
  • Technical documents and standards

2.… Read the rest