Guest post: Pyrite oxidation in roofing slates by Víctor Cárdenes Van den Eynde

The first guest post on comes from Dr. Víctor Cárdenes Van den Eynde. Victor started his career in the slate industry of Galicia (Spain), later moving to the Slate Technology Center Foundation (Galician Association of Slate Producers). There, he developed various methods of inhibiting oxidation of iron sulfides in roofing slates.

He later moved to the University of Oviedo, working as a reseacher and completing a Masters in Geological and Geotechnical Resources in 2010 and a PhD in roofing slate in 2012. He currently researches the petrophysics and weathering of building materials. Further information about Victor’s research and publications can be found at the end of this post.… Read the rest