USA: Burying 38,000 m3 of pyritic rock

PenDOtt Route 2001 project

State Route 2001, in Pike County, Pennsylvania, is undergoing considerable improvements. Back in March 2014, the Pocono Record (08.03.14) reported that a major phase of the improvement in Lehman Township was delayed due to the identification of pyritic rock along the route alignment. Quoting from the article:

“Bore samples taken two years ago for this project did not initially reveal a pyrite problem, but recent borings did show it in various places along the entire project area, which runs from where the last phase ended at Little Egypt Road to Oakridge Road.”

In July 2014, reported on how engineers from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) were attempting to determine how much pyrite was present and how to mitigate the problem.… Read the rest

Research Paper: Use of a granular interface in construction over pyritic ground

Use of a granular interface over pyritic ground

Czerewko and Cross (AECOM) have published a paper on the use of a granular construction interface to separate road pavements from underlying pyritic subgrade. The authors consider case studies and the implications for road construction where such an interface has and has not been used.

The paper, titled “Benefits of a granular construction interface in highway construction over pyritic subgrades for mitigating against deleterious ground effects” follows a prior case history publication by M. Czerewko on the construction of the A46, whereby pyritic subgrade extended over much of the road scheme:

Czerewko, M.A., Cross, S.A., Dimelow, P.G., and Saadvandi, A.… Read the rest