New summaries of Thaumasite and Mundic problems

NEW summaries and case history pages added

Thaumasite and Mundic problems

Two new summaries/case history pages have been added to the website. These summaries concern the UK Thaumasite and Mundic problems. The pages are work-in-progress so do please check back for updates. Click the links below to find out more:

1. The UK Thaumasite problem

The summary details the UK problems associated with thaumasite. The summary includes notes on:

  • Cases of thaumasite sulfate attack in the UK (mostly on foundations of the M5 motorway bridge structures)
  • Publications, research and conferences relating to thaumasite, dating back to 1985
  • On-going remediation of bridge structures in Gloucestershire
  • Technical documents and standards

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Pyrite in masonry blocks: ACEI publish advice

pyrite in masonry blocks – ACEI Guidance note

The Association of Consulting Engineers Ireland (ACEI) have published, on 15th May 2014, an interim advice note on the presence of pyrite in masonry blocks stating:

“It has come to the attention of the ACE that there have been recent instances of apparent pyrite content in concrete blocks provided by block manufacturers.

In cases reported the affected blocks were noted to have a brown discoloration. The physical strength characteristics diminished over short period of time, particularly when exposed to moisture.

The ACEI are concerned about these occurrences and recommend all member firms request assurance from suppliers that materials are free of deleterious materials and that a representative sample of blocks be tested for pyrite content by chemical analysis.”

RIAI Guidance issued

An email sent to members of the The Royal Institute of The Architects of Ireland (RIAI) on the 29th May 2014 was posted on the Pyrite Action Facebook group and adds more detail to the pyrite problem

“A number of RIAI Practices have brought to the attention of the RIAI problems encountered on projects in the Leinster region with conrete blocks that contain pyrite.

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