HomeBond’s Repudiation of Purchasers’ Claims

Homebond’s repudiation of purchasers’ claims – was it lawful?

Joseph Tyrrell (FCII, FCILA, FUEDI-ELAE), an insurance claims expert from Dublin, has published an extensive report on HomeBond’s repudiation of purchasers’ claims under the Major Defects Warranty in the HomeBond Agreement for Damage by Pyritic Heave.

report executive summary

In the report summary, Joseph Tyrrell writes:

“Following a wide-ranging investigation, I am satisfied that HomeBond’s rejection of hundreds of its warranty-holders’ claims was invalid, for reasons which I have examined in detail in the main body of this report…”

“It is astonishing, to my mind, that no one in authority appears to have looked closely at the reasons given for wrongfully turning down so many Purchasers’ claims, but it seems that this is what happened and that HomeBond has thus far got away with its shameful behaviour.

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Research paper: sulfate generated heave and the effects on structures

sulfate generated heave

Peter Finnegan (Dublin City Council), Paul Forde (DBFL Engineers) and Brian Hawkins (Engineering Geological Consultant) have published a paper on the structural effects of sulfate generated heave, with particular reference to the problems in Dublin, Ireland.

The paper, titled “Sulphate-generated heave – the effect on structures in Dublin” adds to existing information published by the authors in their respective chapters of the 2013 book, Implications of Pyrite Oxidation for Engineering Works. Finnegan et al (2014) describe the typical mechanisms and types of damage that can occur due to expansion of sub-floor aggregate. The authors also discuss methods and planning of remediation, including consideration of the potential for differential stresses in adjacent structures during remediation.… Read the rest