Demolition of pyrite houses set to start

Demolition set to start today

The Irish Examiner and the Independent report that six new homes in the Moneymore area of Drogheda, Co Louth are scheduled for demolition as a result of pyrite. The online news stories state testing is ongoing for 19 other houses in the estate. The problem at this site is supposedly the presence of pyrite in building blocks and the news comes just weeks after the ACEI and RIAI published a warning on pyrite in concrete blocks in the Leinster area.

In an interview with Tony Gilmore (North and East Housing Association) on RTE News, Tony states:

“…[we were] able to establish the presence of pyrite during the construction phase… …cracks were developing in the houses as they were being built.”

“Tests were called for and out of these tests we discovered there was contamination of three blocks.”

Tony explains that the results of tests on the other houses have not yet come back.… Read the rest