New Standard on building materials: BS 7543:2015

BS 7543:2015 published

BSI has published updated guidance on the durability of buildings. BS 7543:2015, titled “Guide to durability of buildings and building elements, products and components” replaces BS 7543:2003 and came into effect on 30th April 2015 as the third edition of the standard. The scope for the Standard states that it “…gives guidance on durability, design life and predicted service life of buildings, constructed assets and their parts. It applies to both new and existing buildings.”

The document quotes that it “…takes the form of guidance and recommendations. It should not be quoted as if it were a specification or a code of practice and claims of compliance cannot be made to it.”

Aspects of BS7543:2015 relevant to sulfur-species

The following paragraphs, quoted from BS7543:2015 are relevant to sulfur-species in building materials or their effects on building materials.… Read the rest