The following links are useful resources for researchers, home-owners and anyone else with an interest in pyrite problems. Updated regularly – please email with any suggested additions. I am not associated with or responsible for the content of the websites linked below.


Report of the Pyrite Panel (2012) Report PDF

Pyrite Remediation Scheme information Information PDF

Pyrite Resolution Board homeowner’s information Information PDF

Pyrite Resolution Act (2013) PDF

Pyrite Action Group (Facebook) Facebook group

Irish Pyrite Standards (IS 398-1 and -2, 2013) NSAI website

Pyrite Symposium (2012) original flyer (PDF)

Engineers Ireland Pyrite Registers website

Gas Networks Ireland advice for householders effected by pyrite website

Building Regulations Forum Blog website

Tyrrell Report: HomeBond’s Repudiation of Purchasers’ Claims PDF Report


Canada (in french)

Coalition of Victims of Pyrrhotite website (formerly Coalition Proprio-Concrete) website

Coalition of Victims of Pyrrhotite Facebook page

SHQ Scheme for houses damaged by pyrrhotite website

SHQ Scheme for houses damaged by pyrrhotite (FAQ) website

SHQ Pyrrhotite scheme information PDF flyer

City of Trois Rivieres Application information for homeowners affected by pyrrhotite website


Connecticut Coalition Against Crumbling Basements (CCACB) –  website of a grassroots alliance committed to providing a voice for victims of concrete damaged by pyrrhotite in Connecticut.

UK Standards and guidance documents

BRE (2011). BRE Digest 522: Hardcore for supporting ground floors of buildings (Parts 1 and 2) Website.

Building Regulations (2010). Approved Document C. Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture PDF.

BRE. (2008). Sulfate damage to concrete floors on sulfate-bearing hardcore Identification and remediation. PDF.

NHBC and Environment Agency. (2008). Guidance for the Safe Development of Housing on Land Affected by Contamination. R&D Publication 66: 2008: Volume 1. PDF.

Highways Agency. (2000). Report HA 74/07. Treatment of fill and capping materials using either lime or cement or both. Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. Report PDF.

BRE (2005). BRE Special Digest 1: Concrete in aggressive ground (BRE, 2005) Website

Britpave (2005). Stabilisation of sulfate-bearing soils. Technical Guidelines. Report PDF.

Reid et al., (2005). TRL Report 447: Sulfate specification for structural backfills Website

International Seminar on The Thaumasite Form of Sulfate Attack of Concrete website of conference presentations

TEG (2002). Report of the Thaumasite Expert Group Report: Review after three years experience (TEG, 2002) Report PDF

TEG (2000). Report of Thaumasite Expert Group: One-year review (TEG, 2000) Report PDF

TEG (1999). Report of the Thaumasite Expert Group: The thaumasite form of sulphate attack: risks, diagnosis, remedial works and guidance on new construction (TEG, 1999) Website


Geochemistry / geology / geotechnical

PHREEQC Users – Discussion forum for users of the PHREEQC geochemical modelling code

Acid Rock Drainage Reference List – regularly updated compilation of hundreds of ARD references, by Shannon Shaw

7th International Acid Sulfate Soil Conference – website with presentations, abstracts etc.

INAP: The International Network for Acid Prevention: Global Acid Rock Drainage Guide (GARD Guide) Website

Evangelou, V.P. (1995). Pyrite Oxidation and Its Control Website link to book abstract.

Blog on roofing slates and oxidation of iron sulfides Website