Research paper: undrained shear strength of sulfide soils

sulfide Soils: undrained shear strength

Bo Westerberg (Swedish Geotechnical Institute), Rasmus Muller and Stefan Larsson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) have published a paper on the determination of undrained shear strength of coastal sulfide soils in the Gulf of Bothnia.

The paper, titled “Evaluation of undrained shear strength of Swedish fine-grained sulphide soils” adds to previous research by the authors on the sulfide-bearing soils of Sweden and Finland. The full abstract from Engineering Geology is shown below. Click here to read the abstract on the Science Direct website and access the paper.


“In Swedish practice, there is a long tradition of evaluating undrained shear strength from fall-cone tests and field vane tests.
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New Standard on building materials: BS 7543:2015

BS 7543:2015 published

BSI has published updated guidance on the durability of buildings. BS 7543:2015, titled “Guide to durability of buildings and building elements, products and components” replaces BS 7543:2003 and came into effect on 30th April 2015 as the third edition of the standard. The scope for the Standard states that it “…gives guidance on durability, design life and predicted service life of buildings, constructed assets and their parts. It applies to both new and existing buildings.”

The document quotes that it “…takes the form of guidance and recommendations. It should not be quoted as if it were a specification or a code of practice and claims of compliance cannot be made to it.”

Aspects of BS7543:2015 relevant to sulfur-species

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Book: Pyrite: A natural history of fool’s gold

A natural history of fool’s gold

David Rickard (Emeritus Professor at Cardiff University, Wales, UK) has written a book titled Pyrite: A Natural History of Fool’s Gold. The book was officially published today (25th June 2015) by Oxford University Press USA.

Synopsis from amazon

“Most people have heard of pyrite, the brassy yellow mineral commonly known as fool’s gold. But despite being the most common sulfide on the earth’s surface, pyrite’s bright crystals have attracted a noteworthy amount of attention from many different cultures, and its nearly identical visual appearance to gold has led to tales of fraud, trickery, and claims of alchemy.

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Seminar: preventing acid rock drainage

acid rock drainage Prevention

SRK Consulting have uploaded a seminar from their second Mining Seminar Series held in January 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Stephen Day (Principal Geochemist) presented a talk titled “Segregating waste rock to prevent acid rock drainage”. Acid rock drainage is a major problem principally linked to the oxidation of pyrite.

Talk abstract

“Mines have been proactively managing waste rock to address acid rock drainage (ARD) potential since the 1990s. The typical management approach leads to segregation of rock that has potential for ARD generation (PAG) from rock that is non-PAG.”

“The PAG rock is then disposed of appropriately to limit ARD (for example, underwater in an impoundment or completed pit), whereas non-PAG rock may be suitable for conventional disposal or use as construction fill, such as for a tailings dam.

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